Since 1990 our studio has been happily creating editorial
illustration, Couture Maps and hand painted stationery for
clients around the world.

Originally illustrating for the fashion industry, our work quickly
spread to the desks of creative directors who inspired us to
translate our designs into a fresh new stationery collection.
So with a love for mail and written words, our line of stationery
and wedding invitations reflect our client’s individual style that
comes to life through the revealing of their stories.

We are so excited to be featured in many online and printed publications in the United States and around the globe! Click here to see our work in the media.

We are passionate about protecting our environment and take our responsibility very seriously. Most of our illustration works can be purchased in digital format so they can be printed locally. This saves valuable resources that otherwise would be used in delivery, petrol, automobile production and packaging.

With a love for the earth, we are devoted to recycling and reusing as much as possible with minimal waste and use eco friendly materials in our studio environment. Our paper goods and tote bags are made from recycled materials including tree-free papers and recycled cotton. We are also strict advocates of cycling and mass transit as an alternative method of transportation that we incorporate into our life every day.

Our studio uses animal free ingredients in our products and in our work environment.

American born artist Stephannie Souffe was a free spirit from the very beginning and ran away to New York at a young age. A graduate of the prestigious Parsons New School for Design, she fell in the love with the city and began painting portraits of buildings and illustrating urban landscapes.

Inspired by her passion for globetrotting and cartography, she creates Couture Maps® for the advertising, fashion, stationery and wedding industries. Stephannie considers her life magical as she travels around the world illustrating her journeys and has a knack for finding beautiful surprises in the most off beat places.

Today she works from her tropical island studio in the remote paradise of Seychelles. 




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